Crackpot Game of Thrones Theories

Melisandre has dark plans for Shireen.
Melisandre is constantly talking about the power in King’s blood. I think that Stannis sees Melisandre’s desire for his blood to be a confirmation that he is indeed the rightful king–but I think that Melisandre’s definition of King’s blood is much more general. First of all, the gender of the person whose veins run with king’s blood doesn’t matter. Second of all, the god that Melisandre worships isn’t very picky about whose king’s blood it is–I think the God recognizes many kings.

Theon/Reek will confess to Sansa that he didn’t kill Bran and Rickon.
I’ve been late in posting this (or anything else), so I’m afraid that this is right, but not in the way that I anticipated. But here goes anyway: for a long time, Sansa’s motivation has been to survive. Recently, by her own wits and by some advice and mentorship (ick) by Littlefinger, she’s learned that she might just survive, that she’s not stupid, and that she has some agency.

I was unhappy that it looked like she was going to marry Ramsey (or that the Boltons were going to continue to be a focus of the show at all, Roose Bolton is more boring to me than Stannis Baratheon. “I raped your mother under her husband, whom I murdered.” Yawn, really), but I wasn’t worried. I thought some bad things might come to her, that she’d be sad and horrified, but I never imagined this week’s plot line.

The worst part, as pointed out by Joanna Robinson in Salon, among others, is that Sansa’s rape seems to have very little to do with either Ramsey or Sansa. It doesn’t advance their characters one bit, but we do see Theon’s crying face. Yep, I think these two are going to become friendlier. But this isn’t interesting to me, and it’s a completely sucky way to write another rape storyline. Ugh, I’m really losing hope in these writers.

The Sparrows threaten to–or actually go ahead with–castrating Ser Loras (on Cersei’s orders).
What’s the worst thing that Cersei can do to Margaery? Hurt her dear brother. What’s the worst thing that Cersei can do to the Tyrells? Kill or threaten their heir.

At least, that’s what I thought before this Sunday’s episode. It looks like Cersei is at least slightly more forward-thinking than she has seemed for the past couple of seasons. I’m still worried that Loras might be castrated, but at this point it seems like Margaery might just get imprisoned.

Danny forgives Jorah just as he’s about to succumb to death by grayscale.
“I…will….always….love…you…..” *dies*

An Epic Battle at Winterfell
Back at the beginning, we have Bolton’s army (does he have an army?), Baratheon’s sellswords, some of the newly-kneeling wildlings, Baelish’s forces from the Vale, and the Tyrells for good measure.

Danny marries her nephew, Jon Snow.
It’ll be a marriage of Ice and Fire.

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