In Search of Soft

These videos of the different ways in which yarn is made are mesmerizing. I’d love to see how some of the contemporary luxe yarn barnds of the US (or elsewhere) make their yarn.


How it’s Made – Cotton Yarn

How it’s Made – Wool

Rayon is a particularly comfortable fabric that unfortunately wrinkles very very easily and can also stretch out easily, so it’s not always the best fiber for all kinds of fabric. Occasionally, I’ve seen rayon knits, and some of these have a little bit more durability. I’m currently knitting a shrug made out of 60% cotton/40% rayon yarn that seems to have the best of both worlds–durability and softness–although cotton is also not the stretchiest fabric. The video below is pretty amazing; I had no idea the process was so complex.There’s also a short history of rayon here, although it doesn’t include nearly as much information about how it was discovered than I’d be interested in seeing.

How Rayon is Made (sound is not as good)


I might have to take a day off from work and watch a bunch of these videos.

What’s your favorite How it’s Made Video?

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