In the middle of

A list of the books I’m in the middle of, in roughly the order in which I think it might be likely to finish them:

Uprooted, by Naomi Novik (Update: finished. Meh.)

I’m currently reading this, and will probably finish it. I read the first few pages while in San Diego last week. I didn’t bring any books with me because I thought I would just read my homework. But, at night, I wanted something lighter to read. The first few pages were engaging, but although I like the characters, the prose style isn’t the best. I do enjoy the characters and the world, however. It’s actually fairly well-thought-out. But I’m still looking for that sci-fi/fantasy book to just pull me into its world completely. This book is/was just enough to soothe a brain fried from a million conference presentations, too.

The Robber Bride, by Margaret Atwood (Update: finished, three stars.)

The beautiful writing of Her Majesty Margaret Atwood! But alas, this book is almost going too slowly for me. Although Atwood is a master of prose, and she can certainly evoke a scene. But I wish this book were more thriller and less a psychological look at three women who feel workshopped.

Foundation, by Isaac Asimov (Update: finished, where are all the women. Three stars.)

When I first started reading this, on the flight to Japan (I bought it in the airport), I thought, “Now, this is what Science Fiction should be like!” But it’s a little bit cold. The characters, as imagined, are all idiosyncratic men who always seem to be smarter than everyone else around them. When I realized this, it was the middle of the night and it made me sad. Also, although I’ve wanted a book about dense political intrigue in a made-up society, this book keeps skipping generations! It’s no fun to see the scheming if you can’t see the result! And vice versa, actually.

The Three Body Problem, by Cixin Lieu (Update 7/18/16: currently reading it and loving it!)

I’m only about 10 pages into it (I was basically reading it whenever I couldn’t find The Robber Bride), but it feels promising.

Dune, by Frank Herbert

I read this classic in High School, but I’m eager to revisit it and see if it holds up.

Speaking Truth to Power, by Anita Hill

Some books are too emotionally painful to read quickly.

Migratory Animals, by Mary Helen Specht

I would have finished this book a long time ago if I knew where it went. It’s probably under the bed.

Corruption in America, by Zephyr Teachout

I love Zephyr, but the book was a little slow. Also, the font is huge and the paper is thick and annoying to the touch. That’s right, I don’t just judge a book by its cover. I judge it by its typeface and paper-feel, too.

The Bright Continent, by Dayo Olopade

This book is great! I should move it up in the rotation. I was loving this book but then I spilled water all over it.

My Brilliant Friend, by Elana Ferrante

I kept starting and stopping with this book and forgetting my place. I was liking it a lot, but honestly if I go back to it I’ll have to start over. I always hate starting over, so that’s what’s been keeping me from it. But there’s a whole series! I should hurry up on this.

Mason & Dixon, by Thomas Pynchon

This is also under my bed somewhere, but damn, that Pynchon prose is hard.

The Lucky Girls, Nell Freudenberg

Nell Freudenberg is an amazing writer, but books of short stories are my other Achilles’ heel.

At the Mouth of the River of Bees, by Kij Johnson

A book of short stories. I should really finish it because I borrowed it from Ben.

The Islanders, Christopher Priest

Ditto, also borrowed from Ben.

Flash Boys, by Michael Lewis

[eep i kinda think michael lewis’ books are just ok and maybe actually mediocre? eep?]

What are you in the middle of? Let me know in the comments.


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