The Week in Podcasts: the Bouie Edition

Here’s a list of the podcasts I’ve listened to and enjoyed the most last week. Some of these have already published new episodes, since I am a slow blogger.

  1. On the Media, never change. You gotta believe that a podcast has class and style when it makes me feel close to not one but two irascible old white guys. It helps that they were making some points that I agree with: basically, that journalists everywhere should be held to a high standard, and that even if it’s a losing battle, journalists should keep fighting for the truth. That sounds idealistic, but that’s how they made me feel.
  2. ReplyAll has been getting weird and experimental lately and I love the hell out of it. This week, PJ Vogt explores a website that people who are too high can go to, talk to someone, and calm down. This leads to PJ Vogt–as well as another Gimlet producer, Phia Bennet (love her name!) to experiment with “microdosing,” which sounds like  I love that a central theme of the show seems to be not only exploring online phenomena, but also bringing it out of the internet in order to show the human heart at the center of it. The internet is weird because people are weird. All hail the internet.
  3. It’s hard to pick a favorite host on Political Gabfest, but, water gun to my head, I’d choose John Dickerson. But, although he was absent from Friday’s podcast, he was replaced with Jamelle Bouie, who is fast becoming the MVP of Slate’s podcasts. The previously mentioned Slate Academy was great. Dear Slate: You should combine “Whistlestop” and “Slate Academy” so that I have John & Jamelle hanging out together.
  4. So That Happened, a podcast made for snake people, by snake people, also had Jamelle Bouie! This is becoming one of my favorite podcasts. They had one of their UVA-enriched conversations again, since Bouie is also an alum, but it was highly appropriate as they were discussing the Mizzou controversy and contrasting it with their experiences at UVA. They also talked about Guantanamo Bay and the most recent Republican Debate.
  5. Podcast for Americaoh, how I love thee, even when the usually great Mark Leibovich is a little bit star-struck by Donald Trump. I understand that you might have had fun while in the presence of trump, but that doesn’t mean that the episode was actually funny. In fact, it was atrocious. Tsk, tsk. However, PfA is still great at substantively and entertainingly dissecting the extended silly season of the primary campaigns.

New Discoveries that I might be checking out:

  1. Surprisingly Awesome
    Basically, this seems like Gimlet’s Planet Money–investigative dives into some seemingly boring topics that may or may not turn out to be surprisingly awesome.
  2. Into the Weeds
    This requires getting over my weird feelings of dislike for Vox and Matt Yglesias, even though I just figured out that the comment he had made that pissed me off so much–something about how people below the poverty line aren’t the ones working–was actually said by Jordan Weissman. *sigh* So basically, I’ll give it a shot, since “into the weeds with policy” is my new middle name.


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