This American Life: Deep Cut Playlist

I’m going to do something I’ve been resisting for awhile: I’m going to listen to a few of the earlier episodes of This American Life. Back when I worked in the library at the University of Chicago, I listened to about 6 episodes of This American Life a day. (It’s probably more, but I did try mix it up throughout the day with On the Media, WTF with Marc Maron, and Radiolab.)

I tried to listen to some of the very earliest episodes, but found that they were too strange–uncannily similar, but not close enough to the TAL that I knew and loved to actually listen to. The music is different, the sound mixing is off, the narration sometimes even more monotone. It’s still good, though. It’s just not as dressed up, it hasn’t quite gotten the hang of its makeup routine (much like me, actually). But,  because I miss Serial so damn much, I’m going to try to go back and listen to some earlier episodes. Here’s my playlist:

#163: Can you Fight City Hall if You Are City Hall?

#168: The Fix is In

#272: Big Tent

#179: Cicero

Tags I want to Revisit:

Criminal Justice
Legal System

Imaginary readers, do you have a favorite (early) This American Life episode? What are your favorites overall?