Today’s Podcast List

  1. OntheMedia“The Country of the Future”
    The OntheMedia team heads to Brazil to investigate their current political and budgetary issues as well as whether their media system is manipulated with the state’s pocket book.
  2. This American Life“Getting Your Money’s Worth”
    Stories about getting your money’s worth–including an awkward segue to one of my favorite New Yorker stories, “Unprotected.” (I find it an awkward segue because she mentions that Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, doesn’t mention an object’s perspective upon disposed. In fact, that’s the opposite. Marie Kondo, inspired in part by Shinto philosophy, is very interested in giving actual objects their due.)
  3. The Trumpcast“The TP Ticket”
    This podcast has become on of my favorite podcasts of the week, in spite of the awful subject matter. Jacob Weisberg, I think, is in the same boat: he’s so sick of talking about Trump! But talking about Trump is necessary. I’m finding coverage of Mike Pence so far to be pretty boring, but there are two possibly intervening reasons for this: 1) the fear of a Drumpf-Pence success, however unlikely that may be, makes my brain slightly shut down 2) it’s monday.
  4. FiveThirtyEight Elections“Emergency Podcast” and “Your RNC Primer”
    Each of these podcasts has an alternative name/headline, “Pence Differs on Trump’s Core Issues” and “A Trumpian Convention,” respectively. I’m dismayed by the choice of Mike Pence if only because he can read as a somewhat sane -small-government conservative. I’m only interested in the Republican National Convention insofar as it can be mocked or serve as evidence that Drumpf’s campaign will itself be a disaster. The less support the RNC has for Drumpf, the better.
  5. What the Crime?! – Premiere Episode, “Why is Florida so Weird?”
    I just discovered this podcasts on the Panoply Media site – and it seems really cool! We’ll see if it makes it into the regular rotation.

Not on the list – I usually listen to Slate’s Money Podcast on mondays, but this week’s episode was about sports.

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