Top 5 Political Podcasts

1. Slate’s Political Gabfest

2. Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie / Now-Defunct It’s All Politics

3. The New Yorker’s Political Scene

4. WNYC’s Leonard Lopate & Brian Lehrer Shows
I’ve grouped these together because they’re not always about politics. They can also be kind of New York-centric, but I always feel interested in the topics anyway.

5. ProPublica Podcast
Although not about politics per se, ProPublica’s in-depth investigations always address what should be the true focus of politics: attention paid to public policy issues that affect the actual public.

Also Good:

KCRW’s Left, Right, and Center

Best of the Left
Even if you’re not left-leaning in your politics, Best of the Left is a good place to learn about domestic (and, rarely, international) political issues. Best of the Left aggregates coverage from other podcasts in the web, so sometimes I find that the segments are hit-or-miss. It can also be pretty depressing, especially when they talk about race or politics or the police–Best of the Left has a particular skill at exposing the rank cynicism of many pundits on the left.




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